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SpotMi is an intellectual property portfolio including multiple patents (issued and pending) and designs in the areas of information management. In general, SpotMi’s plans are centered on securing a position in the market where the amazing things that are possible with a new way of managing information can be realized. SpotMi’s future entails a few different approaches, which will be rolled out in phases. For the purpose of this description, the first phase is the most relevant. This phase is centered on leveraging SpotMi’s capabilities with the maximum amount of market and industry leverage, in order to give birth to a new world of managing the flow of information among Organizations and individuals (or other Organizations).


An invention’s value is inherent within the invention design, innglobal digital conceptovation, novelty, practicality, and usefulness. However, its value is also dependent on how it’s used. The main goal of SpotMi is to ensure this portfolio of inventions is backed by an organization that has the size, power, and position in the market to allow the invention to realize all of its capabilities. Although there is not a specific industry vertical for these types of Organizations, many of them are information technology relevant or related Organizations. The method of partnering with these Organizations is not narrowly defined and may take many forms. Among some of these options are acquisition based, partner based, or licensing based (although licensing options are not current in SpotMi’s strategy). If you would like to know more or would like to refer a contact at an organization that might like to know more, please contact us.


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