Virtual Reality

It’s recommended to first visit the Information Delivery page before this section.

SpotMi’s innovations are based on a new way of managing information. Part of this innovation relates to how Organizations obtain information. There is the foundation of this mechanism, Information Delivery, but this innovation serves as a foundation of making information sharing consented, relevant, efficient, secure, and meaningful.  If we look at information as an integration into a user’s Virtual Reality experience, then we see a whole new world of how Virtual / Augmented Reality experiences can be created, customized, and interacted with.

SpotMi’s Life Based Virtual / Augmented Reality (VR) allows Users to experience a customized VR experience like never before . A User can interact with an environment that integrates specific attributes of the users like, at that exact moment . A User can interact with an educational environment structured according to the learning habits, history, and preferences the User defines. A User can interact with a game in a way that allows the User’s gaming history, personality, and entertainment preferences to greatly enhance a custom experience.

This innovation allows many different types of integrations. For example, a user taking a virtual trip to a city may be customized by highlighting areas of the city the user might be interested in, or areas that the user has visited prior may be designated. In another example, a medical VR experience may allow a patient’s health and condition be graphically or descriptively integrated into the experience for a doctor to analyze.  In another example, a user may have certain entertainment information integrated, such as a favorite basketball team, a favorite musical group (music), as well as that user’s relationships and behavioral patterns.

Although the examples for VR customization are limitless, a Life Based Virtual / Augmented Reality experience also goes beyond integrating custom information. Information about a user’s VR experience, neurological and other related medical information, as well as optimizing variables that contribute to a VR experience can all be stored and leveraged in a cumulative manner.  Any functional aspect of the VR experience can be greatly enhanced with limitless customization that is relevant, accurate, and timely. A user’s VR avatar, experiences, interaction logic, graphical representations, and other mechanical elements can be realistically depicted in ways not possible before.

Since the Life Based VR experience also integrates the other SpotMi intellectual property, the SpotMi benefits and functionalities of security, gate keeping, and information management overall are all available and usable in this Life Based VR experience. This means that a user and organization can manage what information is used, how it is used, at what level of detail, and the applications that use these parameters.

VR experiences are a new, enhanced method of interacting with software, environments, people, and information. SpotMi’s Life Based VR experience allows these interactions to be relevant, customized, enhanced, and realistic far beyond the current definitions of VR. When included with the SpotMi portfolio overall, this added value is even further increased, yielding VR possibilities and enhancements that were not available prior.

Please see our descriptions for Information Delivery,  Information Transacting, Information Consumption for more descriptions about SpotMi’s innovations.